The Grip Jar Opener 1688

The Grip Jar Opener

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You don't have to struggle opening hard-to-open jars or bottles with the Grip Jar Opener!

Unscrew and open difficult-to-open jars with ease. It also opens child-proof medication bottles, water bottles, soda bottles, and all jar lid sizes!

The grip design is an essential jar gripper aid for seniors with arthritis and others who have weak hands.

Unlike other openers, The Grip Jar opener will open any size or kind of lid. There is no need to need two hands to open anything.

Install quickly and easily with the included adhesive! Screwing is also an option with the 3 screws included!

The Grip Jar Opener is designed with a double teeth, increasing friction and maximizing grip to effectively open any jar without exerting much effort!

Because of its design, you can simply place it under your cabinet; you'll never know it's there until you need it!

Material: ABS Plastic & Carbon Steel Blades
Size: 18 X 18 X 2cm
Package Inclusion: Grip Jar Opener x1