Self Adhesive Wall Mount Hanging Sticker 1688

Self Adhesive Wall Mount Hanging Sticker

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The strongest self wall adhesive. Keep everything
properly hang in wall. Great for Installation hanging
living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen utensils and accessories.

Amazing strong, sturdy and reliable self adhesive
sticker. Just peel off the cover starting from the
bulge, then put the hook on smooth surface. Easy to
clean and reposition without surface damage.

Heavy Duty, reliable, waterproof and oil-proof,
heavy duty can burden high gravity, great bearing up to 5kg.

You can hang any things you want on this wall mount sticker.
Can not only helps to free up some space, but also
bring you a neat and tidy space.

Waterproof which you can put inside the
bathroom. Holds perfectly your bathroom organizer
for soaps, shampoo, and etc.,.

Installation steps are as follows:
1. Wipe the dust, grease on the wall with clean soft cloth and keep it fully dry.
2. Uncover barrier film on bottom layer. Don`t touch sticking face with hand.
3. Position the position of sticking film, paste the patch affixed to the wall horizontally.
4. Flatten with force to the patch from inside to outside, press each region tightly to evacuate the air in the sticking patch.


  • Size: 80mm x 50mm
  • Made of stainless steel, ABS, PVC
  • Package Includes: 10pcs