No Regret Tattoo Remove Oil 1688

No Regret Tattoo Remove Oil

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A gentle tattoo remover that cleans skin without leaving marks! The oil texture is delicate and soft, with a gentle touch and no irritation.


It can effectively remove unwanted tattoos problem in a 100% safe, painless and easiest way. Allows you to remove unwanted tattoos anytime, anywhere.

Moisturize your skin while fading away from the tattoo. Quick absorption will not clog your skin pores. Easily dissolve and penetrate to the skin.


Lighten Pigments. Fades tattoo color in just 7 days. Does not leave scars and no corrosion on the skin.

There is no pain and no scars, so you don't need to experience the great pain you suffered when getting a tattoo. It maintains its luminous effect. No need to go to a skin clinic anymore!

Made of active natural ingredients which permeate skin dermis to attach tattoo ink. A powerful yet hypoallergenic oil. Safe and convenient!

How to use:
1.Clean the skin and apply it to the surface skin.
2.Take an appropriate amount of this product and apply to the skin, massage until the skin is absorbed.
3. Use it once a day.



Product: Tattoo Remover Oil

Product content: 180ML