Nail Polish Guards (Set of 26) 1688

Nail Polish Guards (Set of 26)

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The Perfect Manicure Nail Polish Guard Set
is the perfect product for your next manicure.

Helps you paint all your nails evenly while
protecting your fingers from getting nail polish on them.
It fits great on all nail types because the kit
contains 10 different sizes insuring a perfect fit.
Get the perfect manicure every time
from your home or on the go!

How to use:

1 - Select the correct size for each finger
2 - Slide on to make a tight fit
3 - Apply thin coat of desired nail polish  
4 - Once nails are dry, slide guide off
5 - Clean and use again and again


Commodity Quality Certification: CE
Material: Plastic
Color: Rose red

1 x Nail Polish Guard Set (26 PCS)