Metal Nut Splitter 1688

Metal Nut Splitter

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Having a hard time removing a rusty nut? This might just help you out! With its different sizes, you can remove every rusty nuts without hassle!
Exquisite craftsmanship and a polished mirror surface. These tools may be used to break off rusted nuts and then solve the difficult problem of removing them.

Made of metal so you don't have to worry about it easily breaking as it is made to be durable and strong!
Comes with its case that helps you organize these tools. The case is also very durable and won't easily be opened when dropping it accidentally.
To work on the target nut, just spin the nut splitter bolt. It's really simple to use. Prepare a wrench to assist you in this task.
Can be used in most nut and bolt sizes; 9-12mm, 12-16mm, 16-22mm.
Case Color: Red
Material: Metal
Package Inclusion: 13mm Metal Nut Splitter (x1), 20mm Metal Nut Splitter (x1), 30mm Metal Nut Splitter (x1), 36mm Metal Nut Splitter (x1), and case (x1).