Lymphatic Herbal Detox Patch 1688 1Pack(6 pcs)

Lymphatic Herbal Detox Patch

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This Lymphatic Detox Patch clears up lymphatic congestion in Your body and boosts Your immunity in the process. It also helps in lessening the armpit fats.


The surface provides a particularly intensive massage effect, which stimulates the micr-ocirculation in the tissue and promotes lymph drainage.

It strengthen your bosy and also beautifies your skin, eliminates fatigue and makes you feel energetic with skin that glows.

With using this product you can see visible results within weeks of using it!

Whit the excellent details of the product, you can have a high quality experience.

NAME: Lymphatic Herbal Detox Patch


LIFE SHELL: 2 years

EFFECT: Anti-Fatigue

PACKAGE: 6 patches