Leather Plastic Embossing Stamp Punch Set 1688

Leather Plastic Embossing Stamp Punch Set

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Easiest way to have good lettering
and design on your leather crafts!

This tool can be customized for your personality,
such as your name, mantra, and exclusive patterns,
in any location, such as leather goods, backpacks,
and canvas shoes.

Mainly suitable for embossing leather, paper,
and rubber, etc. It is suitable for carrying out work.

Make your DIY leather goods more memorabilia.
Just stamp it with the wood punch on the leather goods
The most appreciative effort and gift.

Especially for beginners
Stamp confidently instead of handwriting to ruin your
leather goods with sloppy or badly aligned letters



Material: PP, wood
Size: 78mm x 85mm
Captial Letter 5mm; Small Letter 3.8mm