Hands Free Dust Collector 1688

Hands Free Dust Collector

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We all know how dirty drilling a surface can be. The Hands Free Dust Collector makes your job easier and eliminates the need to clean up after you've drilled your wall!

It removes dust and dirt with exceptional efficiency. More significantly, it produces a far safer working environment for you and anybody else in the vicinity. Solve the cleaning problem of dust and wood chips produced by drilling, woodworking, etc.

Spade bits, bullet bits, high-speed steel bits, tile drills, masonry bits, hole saws, and even auger bits are all compatible with the Hands Free Dust Collector.

The tool generates over 8lbs of surface suction thanks to its unique internal design and flexible seal, allowing it to stick to practically any surface with ease.

The Hands Free Dust Collector may be used upside down or at any angle thanks to its powerful suction!

It sticks flat to laminated surfaces, wood, metal, and plastic, as well as plastered and painted walls, concrete, bricks, and ceilings.

The dust collector's interior area is more than 2 square cm, allowing it to easily extract bulkier items such as wood and composite board. There will be no more dust in the air during drilling!

No need to get worried if the Hands Free Dust Collector doesn't fit to your vacuum cleaner because this is definitely made to fit all vacuum hoses!

Material: ABS, Polymer
Color: Black
Weight: 150g Size: 135 x 60mm
Adapter Size: 10 x 4.2cm