Fishy Simplistic Threader Set 1688

Fishy Simplistic Threader Set

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 Fishy Simplistic Threader Set is what you need, especially if you are someone with poor eyesight or old enough not to see small things. If you are a crafting lover, a sewing lover, and often use sewing machine, our Fishy Simplistic Threader Set can save you time and allow you to work more efficiently.

This is suitable for all machines that requires a needle. They are also suitable for ordinary needles or some old sewing machines. 

This product is designed for people with poor eyesight and elderly. It also holds the thread in place, helping for it to not fall on the ground, that is also an headache.

The Fishy Simplistic Threader is made of quality plastic and metal, sturdy, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to break, ensures long-term use.

With 4 easy steps, you can insert the thread through eye of the needle, within 5 seconds, you can continue with your work!