First Person Head Strap Phone Mount 1688

First Person Head Strap Phone Mount

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You don't have to be a PRO to takes hands free video.
The product makes it easy to take hands free
video during almost any activity.

The head straps are fully adjustable to fit any
noggin. No matter what your hat size, this product will fit.

 The elastic grippy strap provides a secure hold on
your phone
so it will stay in place. The patent pending
design provides a very strong hold to ensure your
will stay in place.

 Use your smartphone as an action camera!
This head band keeps your cell phone or action camera
securely in place for smooth filming of everyday adventures.

 Wide combability
this head mount strap fits phones from 2 - 3.1

Simply loosen the thumb screws to adjust the angle
or swivel up or down 360 Degrees
to quickly adjust
your angle. Cell phone clamp features easy lock function
to secure your smartphone.

Phone Mount Fits: Smartphones between 2-3.1 inches wide
- including any waterproof case
(that’s 95% of smartphones with screen size 4-5.5 inch). 

      Heads trap Sizing: One size fits all fits directly on
head or over most helmets 6- to 7-inch diameter (non-stretched)
extends to 12-inch.
1 x  First Person Head Strap Phone Mount