Deeply Hydrating Treatment Hair Mask Set 1688

Deeply Hydrating Treatment Hair Mask Set

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This is not your regular Hair mask! Say goodbye to dry hair. This gives deep hydration to the hair and moisture to avoid dryness.  

This Hair Mask Set will keep you hair silky straight as it nourishes and moisturizes you hair!


Contains minerals that strengthens and nourishes your hair. So you won't need to worry about hair fall and hair damage.

Three ways how this Hair Mask nourishes and hydrates the hair with the small molecules as it stabilizes the hairline.

 In just three easy steps, you can apply the hair mask. With just a small amount of the hair mask, it will eliminate the stubborn frizzy hair.

 In just days, you will be able to see visible results. 

TYPE: Conditioner


QUANTITY: 7 sachets in one pack 


FEATURES: Eliminates frizzy hair