Bubble Hind Garlic Extract Mousse Women-002 1688

Bubble Hind Garlic Extract Mousse

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 Helps stimulate adipose tissue on your hips and butt, plumps and firms your buttocks which can improve flabby, sagging and flat buttocks.

Effectively shapes the hip line to create a real peachy-like bum. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite for smoother skin

 Accelerates the creation of new cells able to store lipids while increasing the capacity of those cells to store higher volumes of lipids, and more cells with more capacity to store lipids result in an enlarged butt size

 Effectively shapes the hip line to create a confident and beautiful. Enhances natural curves. Noticeably enlarges and tightens hip and butt areas.

Increase plumpness. Easy to absorb plant ingredients, strong moisturizing and hypoallergenic, safe for all skin types


Net content: 100ml

Applicable skin: A variety of skin

Product Features:

Improve loose, sagging and flat buttocks

make them full, beautiful, and rounded elasticity

Restore soft skin and make you look more attractive.