Bracelet Dinosaur Blaster Machine 1688

Bracelet Dinosaur Blaster Machine

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Children will definitely love the Bracelet Dinosaur Blaster Machine! Even adults love to play with it. Just load the belt with foam bullets, aim and fire!

You can choose to fire continuously with its semi-automatic feature or tap the trigger to fire bullets one by one.

Can hold 34 bullets so you don't have to always reload it with foam bullets. Less hassle, more fun!

Comes with free soft bullets that won't harm anyone nor break any surface. Made with foam that is 100% safe and harmful.

Enjoy playing the Bracelet Dinosaur Blaster Machine with your friends and family! No matter if you are a child or an adult!

If you ever lost the included bullets, you can always buy any type of soft bullets because the Bracelet Dinosaur Blaster Machine can load generic soft bullets from other brands as well!

The soft bullets are made of EVA soft elastic foam, which means it's soft and won't easily deform.

Size: 25cm x 20cm x 20cm
Material: High quality plastic, EVA soft elastic foam.
Package Inclusion: Bracelet Dinosaur Blaster Machine (x1), Rechargeable Battery (x1), USB Charger (x1)