Double Layer Vegetables Sealed Keeper 3PCS 1688

Double Layer Vegetables Sealed Keeper 3PCS

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Keep your chopped vegetables and fruit fresh with this double layer food storage. It has a draining compartment, stops you from throwing out fruits and veggies that spoil too fast.
It can be a storage of chopped green onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, onion, fruit and other ingredients.

Grid Draining: This compartment will drain the residual water, extending the freshness of your ingredients.
Stacking Design: Keep it all organized in one place with this non-slip, easy stack design,
Tight Seal: Spiral seal for a secured sealing, preventing drips and leakage.
Temperature Resistance: PP food grade material that can be store in a temperature of -20 ° C up to 120 ° C.
Materials: PP
Size: 8cm in height, 9cm in diameter
3PCS x Double Layer Vegetables Sealed Keeper