Move Activated Car Tire Wheel Lights ~ 4PCS 1688

Move Activated Car Tire Wheel Lights ~ 4PCS

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This Move Activated Tire Wheel Lights Brings you unusual driving pleasure!
 Cool and Exquisite Feeling While Driving at Night!

Maintenance-free, no wiring required. New design for car tire lights, turns on when the vehicle is moving and turns off when it stops to save battery power.

  • SUITABLE FOR ANY TYPE OF CAR: It can be installed on the tire valves of cars, motorcycles, bikes, and children's bicycles. 

  • MICRO VIBRATION SYSTEM: Automatically flashing while driving at night without any operation after installation.

  • EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: Independent circuit design, just tighten the valve lights to the tires wheel valve.

  • WATERPROOF DESIGN: This bike valve light has passed the waterproof test, suitable for all kinds of weathers, even can be used on rainy days. But please do not put it in the water for too long.

Precautions for battery installation. Be sure to read it before installation.

There are two points to pay attention to when installing:

  • STEP 1: First, when installing the battery, the positive electrode must be downward (the side with the word is the positive electrode) , and the battery must be placed in the insulating holster inside . Expose, otherwise the metal short circuit between the battery and the lamp shell will cause the battery to discharge and heat up, and it will be out of power in a few minutes.
  • STEP 2: Second, after the battery is placed, be careful when twisting the lamp cap, and make sure that the spring in the notch on the side of the lamp cap is in contact with the metal base (if the spring is too far inside, you can manually pull it out, but it must be light !), when screwing the lamp cap, the screw buckle must be aligned, the lamp cap and the lamp housing are balanced, do not screw it hard, otherwise it will easily cause an abnormal buckle , and try not to unscrew it multiple times, otherwise it will easily cause the screw buckle to fall off.


  • Material: Alloy
  • Color Light: Colorful 
  • Battery: 3 x AG10 Batteries


  • 4 PCS x Move Activated Car Tire Wheel Lights